Let us introduce you to Khalid Al-Zanki, the driving force behind ETLAQ. He is known for his skills in building expert teams and creative energies. Khalid is the founder of the first product launch firm in the Middle East in Kuwait, established in 2005. He has always been at the forefront of innovation.

What sets Khalid apart is his business acumen and his role as a host and producer of the first Arabic business and entrepreneurship podcast, LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcast in the Middle East.

Khalid’s reputation as one of Kuwait’s leading Marketing Mavens stems from his real-world experience gained through his entrepreneurial endeavors. With a desire to create businesses that impact the world, he truly embodies the spirit of innovation.

While Khalid has achieved recognition within the Middle East, he envisions expanding strategically to San Diego, California — a vibrant market with significant potential. His proven marketing formula has successfully been applied across many sectors, such as automotive, education, media, health, food, and beverages. This formula empowers both entrepreneurs and established businesses to achieve success.

Over the years, Khalid has orchestrated flawless product launches across industries, firming his position as a trusted name in this field. Leveraging his experience in the business world gives Khalid’s clients an advantage.

Does your business or innovative idea need the expertise and insights that can take it to heights of success? Khalid’s visionary approach, combined with a plan for expanding starts in San Diego, California, might be the catalyst you’ve been searching for to reach your level of accomplishment.

Khalid Al-Zanki